List of Duped Items (recommended for applicants)

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List of Duped Items (recommended for applicants)

Post by Guest on Fri Sep 05, 2014 7:49 pm

The list so far.

Equipment listed here is not allowed to be sold by a guild member ever. if you are cought in action you will get a warning.
This list is mainly for reference to rule #3 listed in the guild rules, and more details can be provided if you are accepted.

Duped Equips List:


Duped USE list:

Epic potential scrolls 80%
White scrolls
Innocence scrolls (not 50%, since they can be obtained from Elite)
Golden hammers 100% (not cs hammers)
All types of chaos scrolls
Clean slate scroll 20%
Protection scroll (without any date)
Lucky day scrolls
Winters (for example enjoyable winter)
AEE (because people consider them duped although a lot of people got a nice stack of them from Murgoth event)

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