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Post by iSolitario on Tue Jan 13, 2015 3:04 am


In game name: iSolitario

Job: Zero

Level: 166

Do you have experience with prominence:
only: Zakum, Targa, Escralium, hilla.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------

about itself:
pasifica I am a very fun person jungando LoL I like I do in my spare time. My name is André Urbina Leonardo Dominguez I am a Latin American person, I'm learning the English language and I like to practice it in the game, I like black metal music, rock, pop electro house, pop. that's the main of my other stuff Smile my might know in the game

Real Name: Leonardo

Country: Venezuela

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Tell us about yourself:
I am a somewhat loner with few friends and I like to have a good experience in the game, but I have several characters are very low I get along with zero
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------

MapleStory History

How long have you been playing? 5 years

List all the names of the characters used in the EMS: iVonleon, QueenLumi, iLeinhart, Xle0nardoXD
List of all previous guild (s) that have been in: Bossheros, atinheros

Why did you leave your previous guild (s)?
there are very few people to talk to and most are not connected
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Activity Games

On average, how many days a week you play? daily

On average, how many hours you play a day? 5

How do you spend your time in MapleStory? give orders, have fun with friends and recently some heads hunting elite

How to earn mesos? hunting elites, the artisan manufacturing equipment for zero and minerals and some nx objects

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------

About the Guild

You have read and understood the rules of the guild?
yes i do

Why you want to work with us?
eh heard it's a good clan of very good people and quisera join you can help a lot, as I hope you also help me with some guidelines. I want to be of help to you.

Are there people you know on our guild?

Why should we invite to the guild?
I am a good person with whom they can learn from me, I suffer from a depressive mental illness diagnosed by psychiatrists me, and because the game is like my antidepressant, and can learn a lot from me. and I'm a good player I have great skill with zero because it is my favorite character

How did you find this site, does anyone recommend?
Narcisgirl She asked me to join and can hang

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(post updated) aply guild Empty Re: (post updated) aply guild

Post by Narcisgirl on Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:38 am

Hi Leonardo,

We want you to answer the questions people gave you in your original apply, by making a new message down. Don't make new topics over and over again...

Besides that, we didn't hear from you for a week. But I think you don't know how applications work and therefore I give you a 2nd chance. Answer the questions people gave you in your original apply please; http://bonded.forumotion.com/t551-application-to-the-guild

If you got anymore questions, you can poke me in game.
Good luck!


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