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Post by ImJays on Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:11 pm

In game name (IGN) : Imjays
Job: Luminous
Level 210
Do you have experience with bossing?
Yes i do : Magnus (Normal/Easy Mode) Akarium (Normal/EasyMode) Experienced with Chaos Root abyss/Empress Cygnus.
About myself:
Im a luminous that likes to boss and train at A2. Also im an Active player in maplestory europe and still plan on upgrading my equips!
And also Merch/Make mesos when i dont feel like bossing/training. Also im planning to get more funds

IRL name: Jays
Country: The Netherlands
Age: 17
Gender: Male

MapleStory History

How long have you been playing? Since Pre Bigbang GMS (Around 2007)

List all the names of the characters used in the EMS: JJgohome, Davidson2000, And some mules
List of all previous guild (s) that have been in: CrystalRush, Demonics, An0nym0us

Why did you leave your previous guild (s)?
I didnt find their guild have fate or didnt have good/active players But an0nym0us is a good guild i had but it suddenly disappeared.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------

On average, how many days a week you play? Almost Daily

On average, how many hours you play a day? Not sure how much hours but depends on the day

How do you spend your time in MapleStory? give orders, Bossing, Merching Upgrading equipments
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------

About the Guild

You have read and understood the rules of the guild?
Yes i saw them they were pretty good

Why you want to work with us?
I like how you guys have a serious guild and not like how much other guilds are
Are there people you know on our guild?

Why should we invite to the guild?
Im wanting to boss with a good guild and also learn things from guildmates
How did you find this site, does anyone recommend?
I find it Handy to have! Smile

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Jay's Application Empty Re: Jay's Application

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:42 pm

hey jays, I like your application, its nice and short, I do have one question though:

I see you spend some of your time in game merching, what do you merch? you don't have to get into great detail, an overview is fine.

I will hold my vote until you answer.



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Jay's Application Empty Re: Jay's Application

Post by Narcisgirl on Thu Jan 15, 2015 11:04 pm

Hello Jays,

Welcome to the forum and thank you for your application!
I found out that there are some questions missing in your apply, please add them by clicking on edit in your application. You need to answer ALL questions! You can find the format here;


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Jay's Application Empty Re: Jay's Application

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