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Exxplicts Application Empty Exxplicts Application

Post by Exxplicit on Fri Oct 10, 2014 4:37 pm

Hi Everyone

Main Character

In-game name: Exxplicit

Job: Phantom

Level: 189

Do you have experience with bossing: Yes i do


About Yourself

Real name: Damon

Country: South Africa

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Tell us about yourself: I am a Surf coach and run my own surf school where i teach kids how to surf (yes i am still a Maple FREAK)if im not working im surfing or playing maple, i live on the beach and live for the beach i have several tattoos ALL related to the beach haha, i love nature and its beauty (even though  7 hours of my day is behind the screen on maple xD)I consider myself to be funny yeah i know everyone says that , im very outgoing and i try to live up to my own expectations. got 2 brothers of which i WISH they would play maple with me haha as im probably the only south african that plays .I drink on weekends and i do smoke cigerattes , i enjoy going out and partying every so often until the next morning that is !! leme stop Blabbing xD


MapleStory History

How long have you been playing? 6 years ( started in GMS for 2 years then Ems quit a few times but im back and ready to stay)

List of all of the character names you have used in EMS: Exxplicit,Necroic,xCereal,DeePhunk

List of all of the previous guild(s) you have been in:Dalmasca,RedLounge( these are my most recent , Shuriken,Avos( from like 3 years ago)

Why did you leave your previous guild(s)?
I Left redlounge because what happened was (long story short) i gave him 1b of an item when i needed mesos the most and when i need ALIL help he ignored me.

i left Dalmasca because i was talking in alliance chat and there one jr told me to shut up and treated me like i was 5 , which as you can imagine pissed me off and there juniors arent very friendly, they think they are ABOVE everyone else.

Game Activity

On average, how many days do you play per week? 7 Days a week

On average, how many hours do you play per day? 6 atleast

How do you spend your time in MapleStory?
Grinding(stopped for a few days) atm im looking for gear so in fm mostly other than the few ra hilla and magnus runs but by the weekend i wll be full geared.

How do you gain mesos? Selling NX


About the Guild

Have you read and understood the Guild Rules ? Yes i have

Why do you want to join us?I had a talk to Ben Ronightlord about bonded and he is an awesome guy and as i told him it must be a great guild because to me the members of the guild reflect the guilds appearance, and in my eyes it was very positive and is what i want in a guild .

Are there any persons you know in our guild?RoNightLord

Why should we invite you into the guild ?
Because i beleive i can bring good team spirit lel and i can make people smile and help in runs and overall just be a pleasant person to chat with or chill with ,

How did you find this site, did someone recommend you? RoNightLord recommended me to visit your sight

So i want to add a few things here :

Me and Narcisgirl didnt get off to a very good start she said my card was duped i said it wasnt etc etc after much research i found out it was , So on behalf of myself i would formally like to apologise to you infront of your guild and admit defeat lol you were right.(i have since changed cards as i do not use duped items

Secondly Yes i did apply to demonics , but xdayo isnt really friendly and i didnt feel welcome when i was in there fm so for that reason i withdrew my application from Demonics

So there we go haha

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Exxplicts Application Empty Re: Exxplicts Application

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 10, 2014 8:16 pm

Hello Damon, 

This is a great application and you seem nice and genuine.
Also thank you for the further explications about the card. 

For some reasons we have to decline the applications for a little time so I invite you to reapply again soon.

Also if you're lonely feel free to drop in our gfm (ch6fm5) anytime, you can find us there having fun most of the time.

Kind Regards,

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